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Review of Fiverr – Astonishing Secrets Revealed

Review Of Fiverr – An Introduction

If you are a business and new to Fiverr, it is understandable that you have doubts about it If you are a business and new to Fiverr, it is understandable that you have doubts about its reliability whether to purchase your required gigs from Fiverr or not. I acknowledge that how difficult it can be to find seasoned freelancers, and how annoying it is to hire someone who can’t fulfill their promises.

You MUST now read this in-depth and unbiased review of Fiverr to decide if it is worth your time and money and conclude if Fiverr is a safe choice for your projects. If you are the one who wants to begin promoting your services as a freelancer on Fiverr, or if you are simply curious about how you can earn money on Fiverr. In this review of Fiverr, you will find all your questions answered. At the end of the article, I will also give away priceless secrets that will explode your moneymaking on Fiverr.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an extremely popular micro-gig website. Fiverr Company started in February 2010, is based in Israel, and was founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. Where Is Fiverr Headquarters: Fiverr Company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and as a multinational company has 7 offices located across 5 countries. 1-800-736-3001 is the Fiverr 800 Number. In 2021, Fiverr is the world’s largest online platform for Outsourced digital services. It provides an online platform for Freelancers (Sellers) and Businesses (Buyers) to perform transactions. Here you can buy and sell digital and remote services provided by skilled and low price freelancers from all over the world. Fiverr Official website:

Common Work-related Problems for both Employers and Employee in 2022 and How Fiverr Solves Them

While the whole of 2020 and half of 2021 is the time of an unprecedented loss, struggle, and economic shutdowns in the whole world due to the pandemic of coronavirus. This time duration has also set the stage for new possibilities. Businesses are increasingly cutting their operational costs by outsourcing and freelance of all their digital activities. Coronavirus Pandemic is compelling companies to accept remote work and placing constraints on their bottom lines. Many of the established companies are increasingly transforming and including freelancers in their projects.

Businesses don't want financial liability in terms of regular monthly salary at the time of uncertainty and fewer transactions. Cost-cutting and saving under different heads is the only way for them to survive and not shut down. Businesses are now spending and studying how to truly integrate freelancers into their workflows.

How Does Fiverr Work?

Sellers (One who Freelance) list their services (gigs) on Fiverr. Buyers (Businesses that outsource) who are interested in these services (gigs) contact and hire a freelancer on Fiverr very easily. Fiverr is a marketplace platform that provides technical support to both buyers and sellers to make the transactions easy.

Fiverr How Does It Work? For Sellers (One who Freelance)

Fiverr provides a platform to list their services and ensure payment is done within a specified time, once a gig is completed satisfactorily and delivered.

Fiverr How Does It Work? For Buyers (Businesses that outsource)

Fiverr helps them in searching and shortlisting freelancers by knowing beforehand their ability to perform by the Fiverr advanced rating process. Businesses can even check the freelancer’s average response time, when their last delivery was, and how long it takes them to deliver orders. To guarantee that buyers are not cheated, Fiverr has provided a considerable duration of 3 days after an order is marked as finished to permit for cancellations.

How does Fiverr Algorithm work?

Fiverr also act as an escrow framework by collecting payment from the buyer upfront at the time of ordering a gig and holding it in escrow. Fiverr will not release funds to your seller until after you’ve approved the work within 3 days after job completion and job delivery. The buyer has 3 days to review the seller's work and if it is done satisfactorily.

How Fiverr Makes Money? | Review of Fiverr

Fiverr retains the client's payment as well as the freelancer's work to protect both of them. This way Fiverr provides an incredible service and saves a lot of time and money for both parties. Fiverr makes money by charging 20 percent of the transaction amount from sellers and a small fee from buyers for its services.


Is Fiverr Safe To Use? Is Your Data At Risk Due To Freelance?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is to safeguard information about card owners and information about dealings from hackers and fraudsters and to decrease the danger of theft or loss of information. Merchants that process over 6 million card transactions annually are certified as PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, the highest level of security standards.

Fiverr is a certified Level 1 PCI-DSS service provider (the highest security standards available). All financial transactions (credit card, PayPal, or other forms of payment) conducted on the Fiverr platform are secure and encrypted at all times. Fiverr values your privacy and never shares your personal information with third parties.

Fiverr uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered anti-fraud and data security measures to keep your transactions and data safe. Confidential communication, business data, and the files shared between seller and buyer through a secure messaging system on the Fiverr platform are highly protected.

All forms of data and information within the Fiverr platform are always 100% safe and secure. Fiverr follows and fulfills the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the highest privacy standard ever (which is the world’s most robust privacy and security law). This gives you all commands over managing your private information, which means you can retrieve and delete the data you wish to store on Fiverr.

Is Fiverr Legit? | Review of Fiverr

In my opinion, Fiverr is an authentic and genuine website for both clients and freelancers. It has 2 million-plus active clients and 830,000 plus active freelancers from across 150 plus countries throughout the world. This platform works as a mediator between the buyer and seller to protect the payment and work of both sides.

For a consumer, Fiverr provide an effortless way to track down the best freelancers by inspecting their rating, level and reading reviews from other consumers. If a freelancer fails to complete and hand over your order on time you as a client can either extend the delivery time or get a refund by contacting customer support.

Fiverr is the best place for beginners as well as for experts to start freelancing without the headache of getting the payment released on time without ridiculous endless cycles of change and alteration. Fiverr will do it for you within 3 days of work completion.

Can Fiverr Be Trusted?

Fiverr has a track record of ease of use of its platform. Professional and brilliant customer support adds up to its recognition and reliability.

Fiverr Sign Up Process

Fiverr Profile Description:

Before I tell you about all the exact steps in setting up your Fiverr profile, let me brief you, that by default, all accounts created on Fiverr are buyer accounts. Sign Up Process is insanely easy and can be finished within minutes. An account can be created by using your Facebook login credentials, Google login credentials or can be created afresh with any e-mail address of your choice.

In the next few paragraphs, I will explain and assist you in creating a buyer account, then activating your seller account by adding gigs into it. But before we do that, remember that seller account activation and creation of gigs can be done only on the desktop.

Setting up a Fiverr profile for buyers takes less time in comparison to the time taken in setting up a Fiverr profile for sellers as it has few more fields to be filled and gigs to be added. The procedure of account creation is a bit different for freelancers and clients on Fiverr.

Follow the following steps to create an account on Fiverr:

Step 1. Go to Fiverr's homepage and then click “JOIN”
Step 2. Enter any of your email addresses and then click “CONTINUE”
Step 3. Choose your “USERNAME”
Step 4. Choose your password and click “JOIN”
Step 5. Your account is now created on Fiverr.
Step 6. Going over the inbox, spam of your registered email address, you will locate an activation email from Fiverr, click and Activate Your Fiverr Account.

Once you've successfully created and activated your account on Fiverr, now is the time to activate your seller account. Follow the following steps to activate your seller account:

  1. Once you are logged in to the Fiverr platform, hover your mouse over your profile pic and click on Become a Seller.
  2. Click once again on Become a Seller on the next page. Then watch the three videos on How to use Fiverr as a freelancer.
  3. Once watching the videos are completed, go through all of Fiverr's tips on making a successful profile on Fiverr.
  4. Fill up all the mandatory fields with correct information about your training, working experience, and skills. You'll have a better profile and competitive advantage over your competitors if you fill out accurate and detailed information about yourself. Your professional manner will portray you as a professional in the online community of buyers and sellers at Fiverr.
  5. Next, you can choose to link your account to other social media profiles. Verifying, adding, and linking your social media accounts to your Fiverr account can enhance your credibility resulting in more business.
  6. At the end of the onboarding process, you are required to verify your phone number on the account.
  7. And finally, on Fiverr, you have to Create Your First Gig for services you intend to offer, as a freelancer.

What are Fiverr Gigs? | Review of Fiverr

Small one-time Jobs that last a specified period of time are called Gigs. As opposed to a permanent employee doing regular 9 to 5 jobs with a single company, gig workers work online as non-permanent independent contractors for one or a collection of employers with short-term outsourced projects. Fiverr has more than 3 million gigs registered in its database. You can find here gig workers for any type of digital services.


Fiverr Gig Description: To create a gig, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Once you are logged in, click on Switch to Selling and then click on Gigs.
  2. Click CREATE A NEW GIG.
  3. The title for the service you are providing should be brief.
  4. Explain with the details of your services in the area provided.
  5. Enter correct Delivery Time by putting in the correct number of days it will take for you to complete your Gig.
  6. Enter the correct price for your service minimum of $5 and the maximum price equal to the average market price and type of Gig you are offering.
  7. In the section “My Gig Extras”, select the checkbox “ExtraFast delivery” and specify how many days it will take you to deliver if “ExtraFast delivery” is sought by the client, and how much more you will charge for it.

What To Sell On Fiverr?

Is Fiverr Free For Freelancers: Fiverr is absolutely free for freelancers. On Fiverr, you can sell your talents and skills. Following are the categories, you should consider creating gig in:

  1. Graphics & Design Category
  2. Digital Marketing Category
  3. Writing & Translation Category
  4. Video & Animation Category
  5. Music & Audio Category
  6. Programming & Tech Category
  7. Business Category
  8. Lifestyle Category

Fiverr Jobs

Video Creation, Video Logo Creation, Video Intro/Outros, and Fiverr Freelance have many buyers. Some of the other gigs that can be created and sold on Fiverr or carried on as Fiverr Freelancing Business, Fiverr Reselling Business, can be any of these:

  1. Write articles or blog posts
  2. Edit articles or blog posts
  3. Write resumes and cover letters
  4. Write a description of products in detail
  5. Write headlines
  6. Write letters/emails
  7. Do keyword research
  8. SEO Help
  9. Design logos and banners
  10. Design e-book covers
  11. Design business cards
  12. Help troubleshoot website problems
  13. Help people set up their websites
  14. Translation
  15. Interpretation
  16. Help others with homework/essays
  17. Get rid of computer viruses or malware
  18. Sing songs
  19. Create music
  20. Fiverr Voiceover
  21. Write songs or jingles
  22. Master audio tracks
  23. Do research
  24. Teach lessons etc.

All the above-mentioned can be taken as Fiverr Part Time Jobs. You can boost your earnings by promoting your Gig with extra services before the order, during the order, and after the order.

How To Sell On Fiverr? How To Make Money On Fiverr?

Fiverr How To Earn Money

There is a shocking number of ways you can make money on Fiverr. I will list straightforward and authentic principles that can be applied to any niche. Offer buyers something unique with recession-proof demand and less competition. Set a low discounted price and start getting orders and efficiently executing them till the end until you have built your reputation.

Fiverr For Students

Plan how much money you want to make and how much time it will take. Price yourself economical. Be prepared for spending some time answering buyers' questions and revising the projects.

While listing your gig on Fiverr, optimize it correctly to enable it to show up at the top of Fiverr for searchers centered around the services you sell. Research a lot on title, description, keywords, and tags to use for your gig listing and apply them. Use the “Available Now” feature.

Another top-secret way of making money on Fiverr is to get your orders executed by someone who can do this for less.

You can also increase your payouts by promoting your Gig with extra services before the order, during the order, and after the order.

Tips For Sellers (Freelancers) | Review of Fiverr

Below are few priceless tips for first-time freelancers that could incredibly explode their success:

  1. Understand your prospective client, plan your pricing structure, implement your marketing strategy and focus your time and energy.
  2. Be as flexible as possible at the beginning.
  3. Be clear about your costs and pricing structure and ensure that you are shocking to your competitors.
  4. Having well-presented and engaging social media accounts is a must. It’s likely to give your best impression that your future customers will definitely consider.
  5. Build confidence in your skills and abilities by regular skills upgrades.
  6. Give yourself weekly financial goals as targets to achieve to stay motivated.
  7. Become an expert in your field.
  8. Stay up to date with new trends. Stay knowledgeable.
  9. Make sure you are managing your time effectively, tracking those all-important leads, and keeping on top of invoices.
  10. Build excellent relationships with clients and make every client feel like a priority.
  11. Try to be as much productive as you can. Set out your own working time and schedule and adhere to it.
  12. Ask for upfront deposits before you start big projects.
  13. Find a small place with no distractions for work.
  14. Ultimate patience is vital. Wealth in freelancing will not come in a flash, and every work will not come to you.
  15. Set expectations clearly for EVERY job, and keep communicating.
  16. Always be careful NOT to over-promise: be sure that you can meet any deadlines that you agree.
  17. Before you start any work, make sure that you have your client’s agreement to go ahead.

Buying On Fiverr. How To Save Time and Money On Fiverr?

Using Fiverr For Business: One of the best ways to get the best freelancer possible to hire for your projects is to follow the below steps:

  1. Check the freelancer level that appears near their username. (Level of a seller is determined in terms of delivery time, customer satisfaction, and service quality all taken under consideration.)
  2. Check the reviews and read what people are saying about the freelancer’s service.
  3. Check the joining date of the seller and compare it with a number of reviews he has. It will help you in identifying whether the seller has real reviews or fake reviews.
  4. Read the gig description carefully to know what you’ll get if you order the service.
  5. Read the FAQ section so you don’t have any doubts about the service.
  6. The cool thing about Fiverr is that it allows buyers and sellers to message each other before an order is placed.
  7. Don't hurry to press that order button, even if you’ve found the correct freelancer offering you the right gig that matches your requirements.
  8. If you have a project in line worth $100+, you should check the freelancer's quality of work by giving a small portion of the project first.
  9. If you already found a freelancer that did a good job, don’t go looking for a different one.
  10. Be patient with communication – you never know what may be causing a delay in response.
  11. Be realistic with the deadlines of your project and grant the freelancer sufficient time to redesign, customize and evaluate the work.
  12. Do not threaten to cancel or give a bad review.
  13. Fairly value people’s work and, remember, you can always compensate with a tip.

Tips For Buyers (Businesses)

If you already paid for a gig and the seller turns out to be untrustworthy, you have several different ways to deal with it:

  1. If a seller is late and unresponsive for 24 hours, you’re free to cancel the order and get a refund.
  2. If both seller and buyer agree to cancel the order then you’ve to visit the resolution center from your order page. From there, specify the reason for cancellation and submit the order for cancellation.
  3. If anyone of the buyer/seller doesn’t agree to cancel the order but you have legitimate reason then you’ve to contact the Fiverr customer support team and they’ll manually review the situation.
  4. I will advise every buyer to first contact the freelancer and discuss the minute details of the project. This step will help both buyer and the freelancer. Buyers can negotiate on the scope of work and pricing. Whereas, Freelancer will understand correctly what exactly the buyer wants. This will give a clear-cut precision in the project from the very beginning and the best delivery possible. Also, this will result in reducing the cancellation of orders drastically at later stages.
  5. If you want to find out if the reviews of a freelancer on the Fiverr platform are genuine or fake then you can first find out the freelancer's signup/joining date. Based on his duration Fiverr compare if the number of reviews he got is average or too inflated.
  6. At the initial stage of researching and shortlisting gigs and freelancers for your requirement, you can save freelancers' profiles that you seem are good to contact later and shortlist the final winner among them. Once you contact and award your work to your trusted freelancer again and again, then that particular freelancer will be more motivated to do a better job as you are now his loyal customer.

Fever Learn | Review of Fiverr

Learn from Fiverr is as and when needed video classes platform of sought-after skills, uniquely customized for freelancers and experts. These are Online professional courses, taught by the world’s best handpicked, industry experts and contain practical and comprehensive knowledge and exercises, quizzes, and tests. Courses are in the following categories – Marketing, Graphic Design, Websites Writing, Business Video, Photography, etc.

Consequently, by successfully concluding a course, you'll advance your expertise and develop professionally and furthermore doubtlessly will acquire more clarity in the Fiverr marketplace. Moreover, upon course accomplishment, a course symbol will appear on your Seller page, specifying that you have finished that course.

To know more and get started with Learn from Fiverr, visit here.

Fiverr Learn

Fever Business

Fiverr Business is a freelance platform for businesses. Through Fiverr Business, businesses can make and control combined Business groups/teams in which Team Members may divide Orders, use a quota payment method, track their project’s advancement, and combine feedback all in one place.


Now businesses can use advanced tools and freelancers for completing projects of any scope. Talented Freelancers available for projects can be extremely exceptional in skills. Teams can be expanded or reduced at any time without any risk of financial liability. Fiverr will allot a Business success manager who will take care of finding out the best talent for your project and hence, you'll be saved from the hassles of endless interviews and research.

Co-operate with your team, control projects, and share freelancers – everything in one workspace. Easiness of allocating and controlling with transparency. Skip all the additional jobs of several freelancers, control your team's advancement, authorize administration, and adjust budgets with ease.

To know more and get started with Fiverr Business, visit here.


Pros & Cons of Fiverr | Review of Fiverr


  1. Fiverr is an extraordinary online platform to connect with multinational sellers and buyers and to increase the reach of the range of our work.
  2. On most other freelancing websites, freelancers have to compete for any work posted by buyers. However, on Fiverr, Freelancers are contacted by the buyers themselves after thorough research and Freelancers have to just make their profile excellent.
  3. None of the other Freelancing sites promote freelancers for any project. However, on Fiverr, after successful 10+ orders on the same gig, Fiverr start giving more impressions – to more buyers searching for getting the same type of work done.
  4. Buyers on Fiverr appreciate the work done in reviews they write, they recommend your name to his team, give more recurring work in the future and give tips too for a timely delivery.
  5. Freelancers get a good response from the buyers according to the skills and gigs they have added to their profile. There is no competition among sellers. It is just their hard work time management and timely conversations that matter.
  6. There are no premium memberships for Freelancers on this platform. Every project is for every freelancer no matter how new they are to this platform. It is up to the buyer who chooses him and gives the work.
  7. Gigs start with only $5 per gig. So, it is relatively economical to work with freelancers on this platform.
  8. Freelancers here are rated as per their client satisfaction, positive reviews, time is taken to complete the gigs, and various other parameters.


  1. Buyers on Fiverr don't prefer to hire freelancers with little or no experience on this platform. As a newbie on Fiverr, it is very tough to get the first gig sold out.
  2. For a newbie, only buyers who would buy their gig will be the ones who want it for a very low price or if possible free of cost.
  3. Freelancers cannot withdraw money until they have accumulated earnings of no less than $25. Also, the latest order closed and not disputed should be at least 15 days ago. Only after 15 days of processing time, you can withdraw the money.
  4. There are 20% commission fees by Fiverr deducted on the earnings of a freelancer before payout. Apart from that, 5% average transaction fees by Paypal or Payoneer. Once, it arrives in your account, there is an income tax by the government of your country.

Review of Fiverr 2022: Final Conclusion

Finally, the conclusion is that on a limited budget, you can find great freelancers on Fiverr. If reviews of Fiverr from different sources are taken under consideration, the most common thing that comes over is Freelancers have more complaints than buyers. Fiverr is more inclined towards the interests of buyers.

To identify unreliable and unqualified freelancers, Fiverr has a lot of tools such as reviews and rating systems, etc. If you as a buyer need an extra working hand in your team, you can easily look into giving it a try to Fiverr. I will strongly recommend using this famous platform.

Fiverr is a genuine place for both freelancers and people who intend to get their work done at a low cost. The best and safe way to hire a freelancer on Fiverr is to check their profiles, reviews, gig pages, and contact them before ordering. Even when you did all the above and still you got substandard work done, then you always have Fiverr's buyer protection to cancel your order.

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